titel Spurbar

spurbar is about the desire to leave a track


spurbar[die Faszination]

There is a track for each and everyone. The difficult thing is to discover where to leave yours.


Nine skiers with totally different starting points take on this challenge. The three beginners Michaela, Michael and Stefan want to experience the fascination of backcountry skiing for the very first time. Bernhard, Kathi and Peter are enjoying every turn together and are longing for an intense experience of nature, without pressure or risks. Benjamin, Daniel and Lukas try to push their personal limits a little further while searching for challenging lines. However, mountains are not always like playgrounds and at the end of the day it is not about being the best skier anymore, but about enjoying your very own track.



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25.11.2015WienSchikaneder more information
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Benni Lukas
Peter Kathi Rossi
Micahel Stefan
Houdini Elan Naked insideline bitframe Lech Tauplitz Tv-M